About Us

KOL International Academy (Formerly KBC Learning) is a 21st century classroom where your learner is provided with academic and life skills, they need to become active thinking citizens. Our individualized online programmme is designed to improve your student’s interest in academics and increase their self-esteem.

Our Vision

Our Vision focuses on the future; it is a source of inspiration and motivation. Often it describes not just the future of the organization but the future of the society in which we hope to effect change.

Our Mission

KOL International Academy’s mission is to enhance and improve academic outcomes of students at all levels through the use of technology and research-based methodologies.


At KOL, our students receive individualized attention, personalized plans using an online platform and, positive reinforcement that will help them achieve their goals.
We offer both in-centre and remote services aimed at encouraging learners to perform at their highest level. Our academic intervention has several essential components, including but are not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive Academic Assessments
  • Individualized learning plans
  • On-line tutoring


KOL’s fees are based on the school/programmes assigned to each student.
Price Ranges:

US Online Middle & High School Programmes:
US$3800 – US$6000 per year
Elementary Programmes:
US$2600 – US$3000 per year


Core Team Members

General Manager: Jason Anderson
Academic Manager: Titanya Clarke
Staff: Chantel Miller, Danielle Lee

Contact our office at

876-827-4000, or email us at info@kolinternational for additional information
School Hours: 8 – 2



(876) 827 4000




16 Gibraltar Camp Way, University of the West Indies